This Week’s Special


Each week we feature a special menu item. Check our menu board, or give us a call: 830.833.0202.

Look for our DAILY SPECIALS: We feature homemade soups and quiches, sandwiches and entrees, made fresh daily.

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Music this Weekend

Hear live music at Redbud Cafe on Friday and Saturday evenings. Redbud Cafe’s kitchen closes at 9:00pm both evenings; Drinks and bakery items served till 9:30 pm on Saturday evenings.

  • Friday, February 24, 6:30pm – 9:00pm: The Rounders
  • Saturday, February 25, 7:00pm – 9:30pm: Don Reilly

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Art at Redbud Cafe

Redbud Cafe is featuring the work of local artist, Angie Crowe –

Please stop by and check out these beautiful rugs, both woven and felted. Angie Crowe begins with a fleece and cards, spins, dyes, weaves or felts the fibers into these works of art.


Karakul Rugs, Weavings and Felt • Angie Crowe


handwoven rug by Angie Crowe

All of Angie Crowe’s work on display at Redbud Cafe will be available for purchase through Brieger Pottery, next door. The artwork will hang at Redbud Cafe through the beginning of March.

About the work:

After moving to a Blanco Co. farm in 1995, I started raising Karakul sheep for their long-staple, naturally colored wool. The hardy central Asian Karakul sheep produce two fleeces per year. The lambs are black or dark brown their first 6 months and as they age each successive coat is lighter in color. Karakul wool is a lustrous, strong fiber and is ideal for rug weaving.

The wool is washed outside after shearing, carded into batts, and spun into yarn on an old Ashford spinning wheel. My loom is a Rio Grande walking loom, a traditional rug loom used by weavers in New Mexico and Colorado.

Navajo and Rio Grande textile traditions have influenced me. Learning to play with the natural colors to find compatible combinations and bold geometric designs is a more contemporary approach and I utilize both styles in my weavings.

The felted rugs have been an attempt to manipulate the wool to produce a fresh pelt appearance.  It’s a labor of love because it is labor intensive. It’s always a surprise to roll out a felting mat after such hard work and see a solid piece of wool fabric.

Thank you MC Buchholz for your beautiful wool.

Next month at Redbud Cafe:


Beginning March 17, Redbud Cafe will feature the Ceramic Artwork of Dee and Terry Buck. Meet these two vibrant clay artists at Redbud Cafe on March 17, from 5:30 – 6:30pm, and see their recent work on display. Their work will be on display and available for purchase at Redbud Cafe/Brieger Pottery through the last week of May, 2017.